Restore Outreach Ministries

What is Restore?

Some things we doOur Mission

Our mission is to help people who have been hurt by life’s circumstances.


Providing transportation, meals, childcare, recovery classes, courses and life classes.

Partnering with business professionals, churches and charitable groups to establish practical programs such as: budgeting/finance, literacy, life skills, and GED programs. Also, emergency food, clothing and monetary assistance when available.


It’s simple: We care! We like to think of what we do as Up Reach. WhyBecause we believe we should not look down on anyone unless we are helping them up.

Get Involved

Restore Outreach is one of the community outreaches of The Gathering Church. However, many who attend, volunteer and participate are from various churches in our area or no church at all. Restore is not about any one church building a name for itself, but rather unifying to share the love of Christ and make a true impact in our community. We accomplish more when we work together!

Restore Outreach is currently being held at Cedar Hall Community School on Mondays.

A family meal kicks off the evening at 5:30 pm. Childcare is provided while recovery classes are in session for men and women. Transportation is provided to and from our host site. Many of our friends that attend are from several area shelters. The last Monday of each month clothes and food baskets are provided for anyone who may need them. A safe, loving, unconditional atmosphere is felt by all who attend. Volunteers are quickly converted into a family and a recovery community. Please visit our Contact page for information on how to get in touch with us.