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  • Get to the root….

    When your unable to get to the root of it…it will get to the root of you.  It will show itself through what you see by twisting what’s the truth.  It will force it’s way into simple misunderstandings and use it to start wars. It will rise up in you and speak anger and justification […]

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  • Leadership God’s way…

    In the corporate world, one of the marks of a good manager is the ability to put together pairs or teams with compatible personality types to obtain the most productive results. Corporations spend tens of thousands training leadership, but the good news is, it’s free for the church. It doesnt cost us anything but our […]

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  • What Flesh & Blood are We Fighting Against???

    I always love and appreciate it when God shows up in the midst of our situations.  It is during these times that He allows me to see things through scriptures differently that when I was just reading them and taking everything at face value.  But when God gives you things, that you would never had […]

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  • Are You Willing?

    Within our boundaries we determine who we are and within those borders we become no more that what we or others have spoke into us. However it is when we can move past our boundaries into the openness where we are vulnerable…between our boundaries and situations, circumstances and others is when we change. In the […]

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  • Friendship & Love

    Recently, I’ve had several opportunities to see and feel what true ministry and friendship is all about. In the past I’d always considered myself a good friend. Today, I’m learning that friendship and love are ACTION words. There are some other good action words that we too often used as nouns; like grace and mercy. […]

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