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Together through the good times…and bad

Doing the best we can with where we are. Sometimes that best doesn’t feel right, most certainly at times doesn’t look right and I’m absolutely sure (because most time I pull from my experiences) we are the only ones there….or so we think. In my biggest times of trauma drama is where I grew the most. It’s been, as I can only look at it from the other side now….a good thing. Even though I can tell you emphatically going through it, not so much. I even at times pray that God would just give me a revelation, knowledge, understanding, discernment, so I can just have a miraculous overnight (while I sleep) change please. Lord, I would cry out…just don’t make me go through it. I mean seriously… who wants to at times, deal with all the excruciating pain and anguish that had to be dug up and extracted from me. All the twisted thinking that has been instilled, deposited, conjured up by others as well as my part in it all from a life time. Let me just say this isn’t ever a one time deal. Who volunteers for such a thing that seems to at times feel as it will destroy you? But isn’t then that what it is all about? The not being conformed to this world, their thinking, our thinking, beliefs and worst yet others brokenness that bleeds over from generation to generation to ours, but to His thinking. As we continue to do our best and go through the next test, trial, circumstance, situation that either draws more out of us or teaches us mercy and compassion for others doing the best they know how. We glean and move to another level and as said “new level, different devil” and so it starts again. Now…in saying all of that, I do believe there is an
1. Get to know why we do what we do by being honest with ourself.
2. Identifying and stopping what you do…when it’s wrong by owning it.
3. Learning how He would want us to respond and do it the His way.
4. Taking every new situation and find out what the truth in it is…so we don’t have to go back to one.
5. Then using everything learned and applying grace and mercy and love He has shown us…and show it to others going through 1 thru 3.
So here is the point (yes, yes) I’m trying to get to…can we just not do this together? I mean if I’m going to be continuing this journey where trials and test bringing revelation and wisdom (I pray) as we all are and in those trials and test that come through many situation and circumstances and yes, even people. Yes….others trying to follow Him. Can we just realize it for what it is? He is making us like Him and the enemy is not wanting those changes. Can we not come together as who we are…sinner, saint, forgiven, unforgiven, Jew or Gentile..on and on, etc, etc and get to the truth of it. Because if we can get to the truth of it….the enemy can have no part of it.

Be Blessed, Speak Life and against all Hope, in Hope, Believe. Believing that I’m no one of any importance on this earth, but His child as all are. I’m just doing the best I know how as He continues to walk with me and show me. Never claiming to get it right all the time, but only by the grace of God not as blind as I use to be. Praying daily that He makes me better and willing to suffer through it, because I never want any child or adult to fall because of me. But I would rather He make me fall first.

Posted in Blog, My Papa's Daughter on July 15, 2017.

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