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Thank God it’s Spring!

Spring FieldsNever in my entire life have I looked forward to Spring more than this year. I know I am growing older and the entire, dark, dismal days of winter have been awful for me this year. The need for greater and longer lasting light is appreciated so much more than in years past.

The winter days have killed off, or so it seems, the foliage and flowers. However, I know that with death comes new life, brighter and longer days, and the bursting forth of colors from the ground to the trees.

Our eyes will become wide open and our energy levels will increase multiple times over. I encourage you to stop hugging ‘Old Man Winter’ and run like a wild person toward the Spring. The past season has had its purpose, but the Spring, the first season in the new year, is almost here. It has been waiting for you to arrive as well.

Allow yourself to break out of the darkness and hardness of your inward self into the light and life that is all around you. You will not just break out but in the right season you will bare some fruit as well.

You will be elated at the decisions you will make this season because it will return to you compounded with interest. It will be easier to expand your possibilities because the past has prepared you for this Spring-thank God for the Spring!

Posted in Blog, Ray's Blog on March 26, 2010.

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