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Sometimes We Must Remain…..

Sometimes we must remain in a place we don’t want to be. That place that has its pros and we were willing to go, but all we see now are the cons. That place we think doesn’t fit our plans and we need to find a new one. We think that they just don’t get us and we find ourself in misery, like leaving somehow will fix it. Whether it’s a job, task or a ministry…God knows the plans He has for us. But the moment we enter the world….the world has its own plans for us. The world makes us believe that this high paying job will allow us to give more to the church. But then the job with all its money takes our Sundays and the job….ends up working us. When available, we’re just to exhausted to go to fellowship and meet in the House of the Lord. That the opportunity for ministry is put before us, but our perspective of what that looks like and what it is….not glorious, at time ever consuming and not many seeing the over all picture and others will question it all.  Let’s be real…is anything what we really expect it to be?  Either we will grow into it or it will overtake  us.  Oh…Lord, if we only would have a clue and realize that no matter the right or wrong of it all…it is all learning moments. Some will go when we hear Him and moved in the the way He planned. But when the plan isn’t to our liking, we question did we hear Him at all. When the question should be, will we be obedient to the uncomfortable and work through how we need to change, instead of removing, running or hiding ourself from the circumstance/environment or person? Could we consider that He just might be trying to rise our flaws to the surface. To acknowledge what we need to address or will we continue to see…it’s just everyone else. Problem being, that His next plans for us requires those flaws, those missed insights or legalism to be exposed. That the tough times will give us more strength to endure the next time. That the doing without life’s perks will allow us to see simple sometimes is the blessing. That titles and prestige when not ready for it could make us someone we never intended to become and one day will ask ourself when did that happen? I’ve been to all of these places and done it all, failed at time and ran and hid…but when I understood that where I am, I must remain is where I learned more about me and learned to trust even more in Him.

Be Blessed, Speak Life and against all Hope, in Hope, Believe. Believing Jeremiah 29:11

‘For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

I understand that it all comes at the same price He paid… I must also die to self or I will definitely miss those plans He has for me.

Posted in Blog, My Papa's Daughter on July 13, 2017.

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