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Rejected to Accepted

When rejection comes it is like an odor-not seen but noticed by all. Rejection leaves us outside the place where we think we need to be accepted.  You have seen that awkward little kid that was overlooked when teams were being picked?  Something was screaming inside of that child, “pick me, please pick me!”  You have seen it, the head drops, no  eye contact.  The kid grows up and still senses that rejection.  It effects relationships, jobs, literally every area of life.  All of us know what it feels like to be rejected.  God clearly states in his book that we are accepted in the beloved.  That is great but how do we shake off the spirit of rejection?  Looking at ourselves in many cases we feel rejected by some people, however, in some way did you reject them first?  They may have only  responded  poorly to you because they to carry past rejections too.  I do not think there is a cure all statement but I do know that we must honestly evaluate ourselves before we can cure others.  We must weigh our intentions and realize people are just like us—trying to live with rejection.  Jesus modeled how to cope and respond to those that sometimes angrily rejected him.

Posted in news, Ray's Blog on July 11, 2009.

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