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Keeping your Christmas Merry

Katie_Thanksgiving_2009Hey, there are plenty of things to focus on that could make you mad about the handling of Christmas by some. You might get upset because certain department stores do not give full credence to this season. You might get bothered that employees are trained to say, ‘Happy Holidays’ instead of Merry Christmas. You may be frustrated that you cannot find the correct Christmas cards to mail because they are ‘watered down’ or to politically correct.

Put on the brakes and back up a moment here. Seriously, if we understand what Christmas is all about then who cares about how poorly companies or individuals respond. I encourage you to not allow yourself to be diverted to those trivial things – they will bog you down for sure.

The truth is we know and have experienced what Christmas is all about. We have come to know that the spirit of this season can truly permeate or daily lives because of the love gift from heaven. This beautiful gift was presented to us – Jesus Christ. This golden child would later become the sacrifice on a cross. Countless millions through the ages have accepted and embraced Him and have allowed his teachings to live through their lives.

We have this moment when the world is fairly focusing on the truth. The way for this season to be brought into clarity is by keeping your Christmas merry. This is done by loving God, family, friends, enemies, and strangers. We keep this time merry because we have realized that the greatest thing we can do is to give Christmas away. We are no longer self consumed – we happily give it away. Jesus even told us that we would find our lives by losing our lives – or giving our lives away.

Now, go and enjoy this Christmas and keep it MERRY! – Rev. Ray Brown

Posted in news, Ray's Blog on December 5, 2009.

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