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Does this does look familiar? The FWD—short for ‘Forward’ on the subject line in your email box. I must admit many of these FWD’s I find to be mildly monotonous. Yes, the FWD story in the email can be inspiring and thought provoking but it has made me wonder if we are not really communicating what our thoughts are. We sometimes cannot come up with our own words to the people we care for and love so we just FWD someone else’s thought to lift them. I would like to make a challenge this month to all who FWD.  My challenge is to dig deep and muster up words and find simple actions to display love to those closest to us. Don’t just say the, ‘I love You!’ but say why you love them.  I look forward to hearing from you about your success via email or hone. Remember don’t plagiarize others words, use the God given gift that is within all of us.

Rev. Ray Brown
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Posted in Ray's Blog on July 11, 2009.

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