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Prophetic Word – I Hear War Drums by Barbara Krohn

I hear war drums in the distance faint at first, but now they are drawing near
Those who have ears let them hear
This world is fading fast
I told you it wasn’t going to last

I’m sovereign, I’m real, and I’m coming
I’ve seen those who have been pressing in and those who have been running
I’ve shown my love now here comes my judgement
Answer me this, can you handle it?

Is your heart ready?
I told you in this life you have to go slow and steady
I have given you everything you need
So I do not want to hear you plead

I told them in Noah’s day too
What makes you think it would be different with you?
Those who have ears let him hear
I am The Everlasting

I am your King
I have done my part
But from the very start
You’ve allowed things to get in the way
This is your FINAL warning….so take heed to what I say

Get rid of what doesn’t look like me
I need a radical sacrifice, someone to surrender completely
To go and show this world a spitting image of me
Cause blinded eyes to see

You have some time left so no longer waste it
Go love, walk humbly, and no matter what don’t ever quite

Posted in Blog, My Papa's Daughter on July 15, 2017.

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