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Where is your Mind….

“For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace,” Romans 8:6


It seem pretty self explanatory….but we as humans fall into this trap, unless we are always challenging our actions and thinking.  I constantly have to remind myself that we fight not against flesh and blood, because if I don’t I promise you my mind will lead into that same place of flesh and I know that when the situation result into death. Death of trust, friendship, position and even completing God’s purpose. He will take it from you and give to someone else if we are not acting and responding how we are suppose to as Christ like.

We as people can love love love when we are not challenged on a natural level. I think on a Spiritual level we get our prayers on and war through it. Be when we deal with every day people, agenda’s and goals our flesh tends to get all caught up in it. Sometimes we don’t realize that this is a spiritual war of principalities and powers as well. For me, I get tripped up when my ego, pride…but mostly my insecurity is being tested. If I don’t catch it…it will catch me (trap).

I tend to see this the most when a shift is in the process of happening or in the midst of it. The enemy is all over it and the only way to divert/kill it…is through us. I’ve seen times where it is just a simple statement taken out of context. It could be part of your journey where your path is being redirected by the Father by using others and instead of seeing it for what it is Spirit of Life and Peace…flesh gets all caught up in it and death is spoken. Spoken over the person or what the Lord has them doing.

Lord, please show us these things and never allow us to speak harshly over one of your children because our mind is on the flesh and not the Spirit. Help us to see that our journey is meant to be hard sometimes to either grow us or show us. Help us to see that division is the devil’s playground where we play when we are not being Christ like.

Life is difficult enough for us with those who know not the Lord. But our brothers and sisters should be given love and grace. Yes, there are times we do not act right…but doing the exact same thing back makes us no different than this fallen world. Why? Cause we are all caught up in the flesh mind and not the Spirit where life and peace grow from. That Spirit mind can not be stopped by the enemy because we fight not against flesh and blood. We can see situations not handled right, but that should not stop us from speaking into it or re-establishing unity and most of the time to do that…we must be humble and listening, lesser and flexible.

Be Blessed, Speak Life and against all Hope, in Hope, Believe. Believing we are a new creation in Him and the old has passed away as so shall this world. But while I’m only in this world passing through…I want to show Christ and leave this world knowing it was never about me, but about Him and them.

Today, whatever or wherever there is flesh rising up….speak life and peace over it.


Posted in My Papa's Daughter on June 30, 2017.

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