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A Second Chance

If I could pick the verse that best describes what has happened in the last five years of my life, I would point to:

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. – Romans 12:2

So, my thinking and way of looking or not looking at things kept me in isolation. I was functioning. Working, raising children, being a good wife. But inside; inside, I was insecure, fearful (about everything) and the anxiety at times would cause me to think I might have a heart attack. Thinking I was a little dramatic? Maybe. Thinking I was being a tab bit unrealistic? Probably. Never the less, it was as real as it could get, but, the Lord allowed me to start seeing it from another perspective – a different point of view or angle. When did it start?  I’m not sure. Do I get it all the time?  Most definitely not!  But I get excited when I do and it’s normally on Monday nights, in the midst of the realness.

A little boy, about seven years old, went up to class and after several disruptions the boy was being walked back downstairs to sit with his mother.  He was escorted by a fairly tall, substantial sized, young man and on his way to his mother, the look on his face was as if to say, “no good is going to come of this when my mother finds out what I’ve done.”  But another teacher, teaching the five and younger class, happened to notice that look.  She asked him his name and if he would he like to come into her class.  The little boy looked up at tall young man asking with his eyes, “Can I?”  The wise young man told him he could and this was a second chance he had been given.

The teacher took him into class and started saying how she could use his help with the chairs since he was bigger than the other children.  He delighted in helping and being told what a good job he did and what a good boy he was.

When class was over, the other children filed past the class with remarks that he had been a bad kid in class that day, but the teacher promptly let them know that was in the past and he had been a good boy and she appreciated his help.

Can you see God in all in of that? We as humans would want to focus on the shortcomings of this child.  How he should act or behave.  Thank the Lord for second chances – for allowing us to see our potential. Even when people want to throw the past back up in our faces. We hear His voice reminding us that the past is gone and we receive mercy!

Thanks to the Restore family who teach our children about love, compassion, second chances and mercy.  Be Blessed, Speak Life and against all Hope, in Hope, Believe. I’m believing that when you think bad things happen and it doesn’t look like you will survive it, you’ll remember He might be using someone to make a way out for you and show you something good in it. Just coming from April’s angle….

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