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Sickness /disease is often a complicated, black/white, extreme topic in the church but not in the Word. I will address that in another post, on another day.  For today, I want to focus on what anger and all it sub-emotions cause and what the Word warns us about on the topic.

Personally, I’ve had times where anger/unforgiven essentially has led to out of the ordinary pain, more than normal in its extreme. Is all pain, suffering, and  loss rooted in this? No, there are many variables. It’s up to us to inquire.  When I decided to get real and inquire for myself,  it required forgiveness and letting go of a hurt/betrayal. Once I did, the pain left me by the next day I was back to normal. I’m not naive  enough to think that everytime I suffer its because I did something wrong, as I do love in a naturally aging body.  Lately, I’ve observed anger and it’s effects quite often.

As I’ve walked with God over the years,  the last two years especially, I’ve observed several that have become angry and sure enough sickness and/or pain comes within days/weeks after  until they let go.

MATTHEW 5:25 Jesus has been attacking anger and advocating reconciliation in this scripture, explaining the courts of heaven. In this verse he states that it is prudent to quickly reach agreement with one’s adversary.(in the natural, brother  /sister  spouse, parent, etc)

Agree (let go of anger, forgive, reconcile the differences ) with thine adversary (person in the natural you’re in conflict with) quickly, whiles thought art in the way (while you still can) with him; lest at any time the adversary (person in conflict with) 
deliver thee (in prayer to the court of heaven)  to the judge (God) , and the judge(God)  deliver
thee to the officer,(enemy in the spiritual)  and thou be cast into prison.(a personal prison, most often in the physical, sickness, pain/emotional /physical  loss) 

These scriptures are all in legal terms , as in a court, the courts of heaven. Pain, trouble, suffering and loss gets our attention like nothing else does and forces  us to think.
Resolve it on your own while you can before you’re taken to prayer in heavens courts and judged there. Judge lest you be judged.  Judge yourself, humble yourself, forgive and let go so you are justified and found blameless.


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